Configure SSL on Windows/Linux environment CQ5/AEM

I was recently asked to work on https on my local environment of AEM. Since i am using windows, i had a little bit of trouble configuring SSL.

I was following this article to configure SSL over the developer environment. Please see that since it is just a dev environment you don’t need a trust store hence only follow the steps for developer environment.

The only problem was the parameter below

org.apache.felix.https.keystore String [quickstart_dir]/ssl/cqkeystore.keystore

Now, this parameter uses absolute path and not relative. So my windows settings were akin to below. The ssl directory was placed alongside the crx-quickstart and the jar file.  It is very easy to configure SSL. For linux the path can changes to /opt/abc/ssl/cqkeystore.keystore

org.apache.felix.https.keystore String C:/cq/ssl/cqkeystore.keystore

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