Workflows gone into loop and occupied all the disk space AEM/CQ5

Some times invariably the workflows go into loop due to mis-configuration by developers in these cases you can check the status of the workflows using

http://xxx:4502/etc/reports/workflowreport.html // This will report a very high number in the case above is true.

What can you to fix up the disk space in CQ in case above

Suggest you try using http://xxx:4502/system/console/jmx/com.adobe.granite.workflow%3Atype%3DMaintenance to purge completed worklows.

After that you might still need to run the repository garbage collection to free up the space (http://xxx:4502/system/console/jmx/com.adobe.granite%3Atype%3DRepository).

This is just a step to free up some space temporarily but ideally the configuration steps should be looked at again and fixed.


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