How to Send bulk emails from CQ5/AEM

CQ5 or AEM uses Day CQ Mail service by default to send emails. If you have a mail service configured within your environment and know the mail server details you can put them here. Once the details are set you are good to send emails.

When i was asked to write this, i created a mail service and the method was something like this. Please see this is just a reference code.

The messageGateway service can be fetched using

/** The message gateway service. */
private MessageGatewayService messageGatewayService;

We do some dynamic token replacement for which we use MessageFormater or StringFormatter classes.

You can also use StrLookup.mapLookup (This is a apache commons lang file) and you can pass in any <String,String> map and this will do any dynamic replacement for you.

public void sendBulkEmail(String [] users, String templatePath,String[] mailTokens, String emailFrom, String emailSubject){  
     if(null!=users && users.length>0){  
       ResourceResolver adminResolver = null;  
       try {  
         adminResolver = getResourceResolverFactoryReference().getAdministrativeResourceResolver(null);  
         Resource templateRsrc = adminResolver.getResource(templatePath);  
           ArrayList<InternetAddress> emailRecipients = new ArrayList<InternetAddress>();  
           for(String user:users){  
             emailRecipients.add(new InternetAddress(user));  
           Node templateNode = templateRsrc.adaptTo(Node.class);  
           HtmlEmail email = new HtmlEmail();  
             //This will do the token replacement for dynamic elements.  
             for(String token:mailTokens){  
               email.setHtmlMsg(MessageFormat.format(templateNode.getProperty(Constants.XYZ).getString(), token));  
             MessageGateway<HtmlEmail> messageGateway = this.messageGatewayService.getGateway(HtmlEmail.class);  
             log.debug("gateway service is and gateway is {}",messageGatewayService);  
             if (null != messageGateway) {  
       }catch(Exception e){  
         log.error("Exception in sending bulk email {}",e.getMessage());  
       }finally {  
         if (null!= adminResolver && adminResolver.isLive()) {  

This is enough to send any emails. You can use this mail service code to send a single email by customizing the code in some places


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