How to read properties from a node in CQ5?

So, you have resolved to a node and want to read the properties that exist on that node. This is pretty easy task. You should read properties with multiple values separately , if you just choose to put the below else if condition in your code, then first value of the properties with multiple value would be fetched. If don’t expect multiple value properties on your node then you can skip the first if.

 Node node= resource.adaptTo(Node.class);  
 for(PropertyIterator propeIterator = node.getProperties() ; propeIterator.hasNext();)  
      Property prop= propeIterator.nextProperty();  
      if(prop.isMultiple()) // This condition checks for properties whose type is String[](String array)  
           Property propVal = node.getProperty(prop.getName());     
           Value[] values = propVal.getValues();  
           for(Value val: values){  
           log.debug(val.getString()); // this will output the value in string format  
      }else if(!prop.getDefinition().isMultiple()){  

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