Difference between nt:folder, sling:folder & sling:orderedFolder

In CQ5 we use these node types interchangeably but at time we need to know the intricacies of these different types of nodes.

nt:folder -: This node type represents a plain file system folder (it can have nt:folder and nt:file children and only a few restricted meta data properties) // so quite restricted in terms of properties and nodes.

sling:folder -: This node type is basically nt:folder + nt:unstructured in one, i.e. it can be used inside other nt:folders. // should be used more often.

sling:orderedFolder -: The following node type is sling:folder + an ordering scheme bundled into one. Sling ordered folders just keep the order in which nodes are inserted,  the nodes won’t do any sorting by themselves


One thought on “Difference between nt:folder, sling:folder & sling:orderedFolder

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