How to get Image/Dam reference from any CQ5 Page

If you are looking for all the image reference in any CQ Page to may be play with these assets. This can be done easily using below servlet code. Path should be passed from parameter.

You can also find references of  components and dam images using parameter debug=layout. Click Here to see.

 @SlingServlet(paths = "/bin/assetreference", metatype = true, methods = { "GET"})  
 public class AssetReference extends AbstractPredicateServlet{  
      private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;  
      public void doGet(final SlingHttpServletRequest slingHTTPrequest,final SlingHttpServletResponse response) throws IOException {  
                String pagePath = slingHTTPrequest.getParameter("path");  
                ResourceResolver resourceResolver=slingHTTPrequest.getResourceResolver();  
                Resource resource = resourceResolver.getResource(pagePath+"/"+JcrConstants.JCR_CONTENT);  
                Node node = resource.adaptTo(Node.class);  
                AssetReferenceSearch assetReference = new AssetReferenceSearch(node,"/content/dam",resourceResolver);  
                for (Map.Entry<String, Asset> assetMap : {  
                     String val = assetMap.getKey();  
                     Asset asset = assetMap.getValue();  
                     LoggerUtil.debugLog(this.getClass(), "Key and Value are {}{}",val,asset.getPath());  
           }catch(Exception e){  

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